“An integral approach is based on one basic idea: no human mind can be 100% wrong. Or, we might say, nobody is smart enough to be wrong all the time. And that means, when it comes to deciding which approaches, methodologies, epistemologies, or ways of knowing are “correct," the answer can only be, “All of them.”

~Ken Wilber, The Marriage of Sense and Soul


Your intellect is engaged as you learn to use your thoughts for you not against you. Drawing from dozens of different traditions and modalities, you'll learn many techniques to develop mindfulness and awareness in order to tame the mind, increasing clarity, focus, and creativity. As Robin Sharma says: The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master."


It's an old cliche but it's true, your body is your temple and deserves to be treated with reverence. To perform at a high level it must be healthy and strong. We'll examine your diet and movements and instill new eating and exercise habits in order to increase energy levels, strength, and flexibility.


Most of us are slaves to our emotions. They last only a moment, yet when our minds attach to emotions they can seemingly last forever. We will work to allow your emotions to arise, feel them fully, then let them pass with gratitude and grace. Also, you will learn to differentiate between thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sentiments to further develop emotional intelligence.


Regardless of your religious beliefs or lack there of; you're here, right now, alive on this planet.  There is life running through and around you, animating the meat machine you call your body. This mysterious aspect of ourselves deserves attention. It needs to be nourished and developed as much as any other facet of our humanity. Experience has taught me that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. When life is viewed from this perspective, we open ourselves to the ever-present magic and wonder that swirls within and around us.