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benjamin H. ~ personal trainer/yoga instructor

“To convey what Matthew has provided me and how much his coaching has impacted my life can't simply be written in a few lines. I'm stronger mentally, physically and emotionally because of his guidance and I will be forever grateful! I trust Matthew's advice and wisdom because I know that he has applied the very techniques he has shown me on himself to find the most direct, healthy and sincere approach to being a better You. I can't recommend Matthew's tutelage enough!”


stefan H. ~ Investor/entrepreneur

“Matthew has been invaluable in helping me find and navigate the range of career options in front of me and create the kind of lifestyle I had always dreamed of. His facilitation is skillful in that he either steps back and allows you to articulate your own solution or steps in and offers more specific guidance. I found his range of skills and talents really helpful in creating the kind of holistic success I aspired to. Whether it was his understanding of the body, his artistic talents, his project management skills or his knowledge of creating a vision, I found that each aspect provided the answer I needed.”


April w. ~healing artist

“Being around Matthew, you can feel his energy radiating from him.  Immediately I felt focused, passionate, driven.  I could feel my cells starting to get an upgrade just sitting next to him.  What was so transformative was his ability to truly see what was in the way of having the business and relationships I was wanting.  Taking action with the tools he gave me, has set forth my relationships and business in a beautiful and abundant direction.” 

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patrick v. ~ entrepreneur

“Several years ago I reached a point in my life where I was struggling to find  balance with my spiritual, physical and professional life.  I realized that I needed a new approach and way of thinking in order to shift the patterns that were holding me back.  That’s when I reached out to Matthew for advice and support and I’m really grateful that I did. Matthew’s positive and uplifting personality really helped me look at and shift how I deal with difficult challenges. He gave me a variety of tools to help navigate these challenges and to hold myself accountable. I appreciate the compassion and wisdom that Matthew weaves into his work and feel incredibly empowered by my time spent with him.” 


caryl c. ~ Ecological Artist

“Working with Matthew was a very clarifying experience.  I’d gotten rather stuck in a rut after a long and serious illness and Matthew helped me see things in a different way.   He nudged me in the direction of starting my day with a more clear intention and it really brought me more peace in my long term outlook.  Matthew is a warm and caring person.  His style as a coach is one of patience and collaboration.  I have felt privileged to have him in my life and feel that he shares his gifts with others in a generous, wise and unselfconscious way which made me very comfortable working with him.”

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wayland w. ~ wellness coach

“Matthew is an exceptional Coach and Human Being!  He has helped me dive to greater depths of self inquiry while also holding me accountable to the small steps of living my dreams.  You’ll go places with him by your side!”