He who defends with love shall be secure; Heaven will save him and protect him with love."

~Lao Tzu

What makes a man? Is it the courage to do what's right no matter what the cost? Is it a pair of testicles? Is it the ability to stand up nine times after you've been knocked down eight? I believe a man is defined more by his actions than his words. He is defined by how he treats others and how he carries himself. He offers respect, patience, guidance, courtesy and aid to all whom he may encounter. Within himself he is brave, kind, honest, vulnerable and assertive. 

Chivalry is not quite dead, it lies dormant in the hearts and wills of modern men. It is buried under the sad tales of manufactured success and cheap, commodified happiness. Rest assured, it is not dead. It is alive and well within a few of us and it is our duty to share this chivalrous wisdom with our brothers. Change a man, you change a marriage. Change a marriage, you change a family. Change a family, you change a community. Change a community and you can change the world!

  • Make honor a priority.
  • Make integrity mandatory. 
  • Build physical strength.
  • Build emotional strength.
  • Build mental clarity and certainty.
  • Treat women as queens.
  • Treat men as brothers.
  • Repair your relationship.
  • Get the raise you deserve.
  • Start the business of your dreams.
  • Honor your feelings.
  • Listen to your intuition.
  • Be a leader in your community.
  • Find your purpose.

Together we will explore the lost art of chivalry. We will restore honor to our manhood. The women in our lives will thank us. The men in our lives will admire us.  

We are Transcendent Warriors.