Matthew Myro Rothman



High-Performance and Transformation Coach, Self-Employed — 2014-present

Coaching men and women to perform at their best in mind, body and spirit. Focusing on mindset, nutrition, fitness, and mindfuling (awareness is an evolving action, not a “thing”).

Tai Chi Instructor, Yoga Community; Sonoma, CA — 2015-2017

Taught tai chi to men and women from age 18 to 85 in the tradition of Yang Seng-Fu (founder of the Yang school of tai chi in China), passed on to Choy Hok-Peng (first to bring tai chi to the U.S. in 1931) to Choy Kam-Man (his son) to Kenn Chase (San Francisco Chinatown, late 1960s) to me.

Work Scholar - Kitchen, Esalen Institute; Big Sur, CA — 2014

Studied yoga and tai chi while preparing meals and washing dishes for the 300+ employees and seminarians at this world renowned personal development retreat center.

Owner/Operator, Retail Therapy; Ventura, CA — 2012-2014

Built and ran a small men’s and women’s clothing boutique. Installed the P.O.S. Managed purchasing and inventory. Built the website. Managed sales and customer service. Curated an in-shop art gallery featuring local artists. Led bi-weekly community meditation group. Oversaw special events like yoga classes, fitness classes, art openings, holistic health workshops and fashion shows within the shop.

Owner/Head Cultivator, Queen Bee Clones; Oakland, CA — 2009-2012

Oversaw plant care, nutrient feeding protocols, production, and product delivery for a small medical cannabis cultivation business.

Barista, Coffee Cantata; San Francisco, CA — 2003-2005

Prepared coffee drinks, smoothies, and small dishes for ravenous locals and tourists on the famed Haight Street, S.F. The owner was an Army General and personal bodyguard to the Shah of Iran before the Islamic Revolution. He was terrifying and fascinating...ask me about him.


California Institute of Integral Studies — Master of Arts, 2005

Studied in the Philosophy, Cosmology & Consciousness department under such luminaries as Richard Tarnas, Ralph Metzner and Stan Grof. And yes, I am literally a Master of Consciousness (according to my diploma from CIIS...wink wink)

Cleveland State University; Cleveland, OH — Bachelor of Arts, 2003

Developed my own major in the small liberal arts department of CSU known as First College. I called my track “The Human Experience” and focussed on socio/cultural anthropology, the philosophy of religion and cultural arts.


Yoga Alliance RYT 200 — Yoga Community; Sonoma, CA — 2015-2016

Training focused more on yogic philosophy than traditional poses, including The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita and ayurveda. However, still received a more than adequate education in asanas, sequencing and pranayama (breath control).

Tai Chi Instructor — Master Kenn Chase; Marin County, CA — 2014-2016

Apprenticed under Master Chase for two years as he trained me to teach in his Yang lineage. Training included assisting him bi-weekly in his classes around Marin County and also as an assistant instructor for his 5-day Advanced and 28-day Work Scholar workshops at the Esalen Institute.

Onnit Academy Foundations Trainer — I Will CrossFit; Dublin, CA — February 2016

Permaculture Practitioner — Esalen Institute; Big Sur, CA — 2006

Reiki Master/Teacher — SELREC; Lyndhurst, OH — 2002-2003


Extremely fast learner. (8 years of higher education and immense curiosity will do that to a person)

Absurdly disciplined. (My morning routine would make Hal Elrod jealous)

Great perspectival flexibility. (AKA skilled at viewing situations from many different angles)

Ever evolving growth mindset.

Trained in non-violent communication.

Brewing delicious kombucha and fermenting sauerkraut.

Completed Wim Hof’s 10 week WHM training.

Singer/songwriter, guitarist.

Navigating impossibly confounding dimensions with over 30 ayahuasca ceremonies and countless other medicine journeys over the last 20 years.

Totally gets the cosmic joke and can laugh at any circumstance, especially my own failures.