“Think over carefully what the final purpose is: to live longer and be eternally young."

~Song of the Thirteen Postures

Tai chi

Tai chi has been used for nearly 1000 years to promote health, well-being and longevity in its practitioners. It is based on building a foundation of Strength, Balance, Flexibility, Centering and Flow. You will love the elegance of this moving meditation which brings a real sense of calm and relaxation to your mind, body and spirit.

The form of tai chi I have been trained to teach has been passed from master to student since Zhang Senfeng from Wu Tang mountain in China circa 1100 c.e.

A student, practitioner and apprentice for over 10 years, I have been instructing for the last 3 years in the lineage of the Yang family tradition adapted by Yang Luchan in the early 1800's. Luchan was famous for slowing down the form in order to focus on its more meditative qualities. My teacher, Master Kenn Chase, was a student of Choy Kam Man in the late 60's in San Francisco. Kam Man's father and teacher since the age of 14, Choy Hok Peng, was a student of Yang Luchan himself. Choy Hok Peng is widely recognized as the father of tai chi in the Americas, having introduced the art form to Los Angeles residents in 1939.

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